Here are the sports headlines for the week. The Celtics are currently 1 to 1 in their series with the Cavaliers. Game 3 will take place tomorrow at the garden. There will be up to 7 games between the Cavs and Celtics, the Cavs having the best record, but Lebron is injured, making hm an average player for once. Lebron James on the Cavs has received his second MVP award in a row. He averages 40 points a game, that s a lot. The red soxs are playing the Yankees this weekend. Pedroia being the soxs best player will hopefully help, but Ortiz however is now off the juice and suddenly in a slump. The red soxs are in 4th place in the all west and the Yankees in 2nd. The bruins are going for the Stanly cup again, but will they do it? My question to you is, why is MLB baseball so slow? You answer.

~Denis Delaflor


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